Tantra, a way home

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You are invited to join this ongoing evening class on Maui

Tantra, a way home

Opening to our soul’s true nature through authentic connecting

For women and men, singles and couples

with Niyaso Carter


We are physical and spiritual beings. Connecting with one another is how we grow and learn about love. One potent way of connecting is through touch.

Touch can open us to our soul’s true nature very directly and quickly.

Touch, when it is the right touch, fully received, is pure magic.

In order to receive and give nourishing touch in any relationship, clear boundaries, good communication skills and a solid connection with our own body and being are a must.


The purpose of this on-going class is three-fold. First, it provides an avenue where singles and couples alike can enjoy the magic of “right” touch in a carefully structured, safe, yet playful setting. Secondly, you learn tools that will make future relating experiences more enjoyable and potent. Finally and most importantly the class offers ways for each person to be more fully in touch with their inner essence.

This is not a massage-, energy work- or a hands-on-healing class (even though aspects of all these modalities will be utilized) but an experiential laboratory; a place for relaxation and inspiration. No sexual touch will take place. We will be exploring the physical, energetic, mental, emotional, social and spiritual aspects of connecting. Each class starts with a guided meditation to deepen our alignment with our inner source. Participation in all segments of the class is optional. You may choose anything from just being present in the room, to relaxing in a gentle embrace, to actively exploring what touch feels good. Whether you participate a lot or just a little, ultimately the class, like the practice of Tantra, is not primarily about connecting more deeply with another, but provides an inviting space to drop ever more fully into your authentic self.

Niyaso has been teaching and counseling in the area of intimate relating for over 25 years. She is the author of Tantra, Sex for the Soul and the co-creator of the long time bestselling video The Tantric Secrets of Sacred Sex. She also is an experienced trauma resolution counselor and long-time body worker. Niyaso’s biggest gift is her compassion as she uses her resources and skills to create a learning space that is at once light, playful, safe, respectful and deeply trans-formative.


This class is intended to be a community resource  as well as a community co-creation in authentic loving. Feedback will be invited after each class and community involvement in shaping the teachings is encouraged.

For more information call (808) 572-2234 or email info@sacredloving.net
to discover more about Niyaso and her work go to https://sacredloving.net/index.html

on facebook go to: True Tantra




Every other Tuesday from 6:30pm – 9pm next class is May 28th

Where: North Shore Maui, Hawaii

Call for directions 808 572-2234 (this is a landline, so no text)

Or email info@sacredloving.net


Suggested donation $10 -$20 (for young adults ages 18-25 the class is free)

Who: couples and singles, from age 18-110


Bring your favorite blanket and a pillow

Join us on any evening but please be on time



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