Tantra Therapy & Coaching for Couples

Tantra and Tantric Sex Therapy & Coaching For Couples with Niyaso Carter, Tantra Guide & Educator

Tantra coaching for couples offers clear and easy-to-do exercises that will elevate your love life with happiness beyond expectation.

Imagine how spending time with an expert in intimate relating might provide you with insights and tools to experience the best sex ever, again and again. While this is indeed possible, we must tailor these exercises and practices to your specific needs. Additionally, the insights must be well-timed to address the next steps of opening in your relationship. Because each couple comes with their own unique dynamic, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Tantra Coaching sessions for couples inspire and support you and your partner to explore new ways of relating. These sessions also open you to explore new ways to deepen intimacy and increase sexual pleasure and fulfillment.

Many couples enjoy these sessions as part of their vacation in the paradise of Hawaii. Vacation can be the perfect time to open anew in love, to expand the capacity for joy, or to address specific issues in the relationship. Those unable to travel to Maui can opt for equally effective Skype, FaceTime, or phone sessions.

How the Sessions Work

Couple holding handsFirst Session

To start the first session, Niyaso asks both partners what they hope to learn from the sessions. What issues do they have involving their relationship and sexuality? What results are they hoping to achieve from the sessions? From this, she creates a learning experience that will prove most beneficial for the growth and fulfillment of their relationship at that time.

Often there are a variety of points that couples can choose from to focus on during the course of a session. The majority of Tantra coaching sessions involve learning exercises, practices, and skills. And they contain plenty of room for questions and discussions as each session progresses. Discovering what specific lessons your partner is here to help you learn can be an important aspect of the sessions. To note, these sessions do not require participants to engage in explicit sexual activities or nudity. Niyaso may suggest ‘homework’ exercises and further resource materials. While the homework is optional and designed to be fun (and still leaves plenty of time to enjoy the island for those holidaying in Hawaii), it’s an important part of the program for those desiring to work more intensively.

Resort romanceContinuing Sessions

In the following sessions, we will discuss any homework exercises you chose to undertake, including any questions or difficulties that may have arisen. She then expands upon what’s been learned and perhaps introduces new material. This progressive opening experience benefits both the couple as a whole and individually. Sometimes Niyaso may individually work with one or both of the partners before proceeding to the next step on the road to love, health, and happiness.

Niyaso’s background covers both ancient Tantric principles and meditation as well as psychology and body-oriented therapies (including working with trauma and abuse issues). There is great scope as to what can be covered in the session. Niyaso will tailor the learning experience based on your interests and current situation. The sessions are always conducted with your goals in mind and with complete consideration of your comfort, to make the experience enjoyable and rewarding for you. We invite you and your partner to help shape the sessions so that you feel secure, safe, and respected at all times.

Session Structure

Couple hiking to waterfallEverything from the number of sessions you choose to have to what they will involve is very flexible. We can create packages of 2 to 5 sessions that are several days apart. This allows time in between to assimilate the information and try the suggested exercises. Or we can cater to any number of sessions depending on how often you choose to visit us. The most popular combination is 3 sessions over the course of a week, though some couples even like to visit us daily. How little or how much is entirely up to you. Note: Couples from ‘off island’ may need a day after arriving to unwind and acclimatize before starting their sessions.)

Tantra Coaching sessions can help you to find the love, health, sexual fulfillment, and enjoyment that you want from your life. Whether or not:

  • your relationship is fresh and new
  • you and your partner have raised children and are now looking to come together in a new way and explore spiritual sex
  • you’re having problems in a relationship that still means a lot to you


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