Learn Tantra and make your love life the best it can be!

Learn privately with Tantra Coaching, and in group settings with our Tantra Workshops and Retreats

If you would like to:
Bring your relationship to the next level…
Find more joy and ease in your life…
Get support for your life and spiritual journey…

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Book a private coaching session or an upcoming workshop with, Niyaso Carter, consultant, workshop facilitator and spiritual counselor.
With Niyaso’s guidance, you will find the tools and gain the understandings necessary to turn your relationship and entire life into a joyful journey of self-discovery.
Coaching sessions are available on Skype, FaceTime, phone and in person. Private Coaching, workshops and retreats are both for Singles and Couples.

Sacred Loving Institute provides several different ways for you to learn Tantra in a safe and comfortable setting

Couples and individuals of all age groups, experience and cultural backgrounds can benefit greatly from Tantra coaching. Skype, FaceTime and Phone consultations, workshops and customized vacation packages are available to help guide you on the journey to fulfillment and sacredness in lovemaking and intimacy.

The sessions are customized to your individual needs. The sessions are not a hands-on approach and require no explicit sexual exercises during the sessions.

Niyaso’s extensive experience as an international workshop leader and counselor ensure that your experience with Tantra will be comfortable, rewarding and inspiring. Her special gift is the ability to tease out of the myriad strands of mental, emotional and physical complexities exactly those components that will help a couple or an individual to unravel limiting patterns. She helps people find their way to the simple, innocent experience of pleasure, love and joy that goes hand in hand with spiritual awakening. As the co-creator of the best selling educational video “The Tantric Secrets of Sacred Sex” and author of ‘Tantra, Sex for the Soul”, Niyaso has had the joy of helping many people – couples and individuals alike – open to love and reach new heights of intimacy and joy in their lives and relationships. For a full description of the Tantra Sessions check out the links below:

We are able to assist you with unique and spectacular and/or simple accommodations and travel as well. Student discounts are available for both the coaching sessions and workshops.