Week-Long Tantra Retreat

The Sacred Loving week-long tantra retreat continues on from the weekend and furthers the opening. This is where we take you deeper into learning about intimacy, Tantra, and sacred sexuality.

Tantra Sex in Maui Retreat with Tantra Guide & Educator, Niyaso Carter

Date: TBD | Maui, HI

We Will Explore:

  • different kinds and qualities of touch
  • how touch affects your feelings of trust and intimacy
  • communication techniques that help you:
    • express what you need to feel safe and free
    • hear what your partner is really saying.
  • massage techniques to free, open, and relax your sexual energy
  • movement, breath, and meditation techniques that will educate you about
    • many levels of energy and subtle awareness
    • providing healing to what were thought to be psychological problems
  • meditations, energy processes, and communication tools that keep you profoundly connected with yourself whether alone or engaged in an intimate encounter


In the Meetings With Your Partner

  • You learn how to connect from your truth and remain alive in your playfulness, passion, desire, and also your fears – instead of cutting off and isolating yourself
  • Your encounters may or may not be sensual and erotic
  • You learn to trust the changing states you move through together as you continue to connect

In this way, you learn to move through old barriers that prevented or sabotaged your intimate connections and love relationships.

Couples are no longer left alone with difficulties that arise in their relating but are supported by experienced teachers and a loving community to find their way through. While at the same time exploring and honoring their individual needs and boundaries. You discover your energy has natural wave-like rhythms of excitement and relaxation. With the trust created in these intimate encounters, you can explore and practice connecting. In this way, you are always in harmony with the natural flow of your own energy.

Session times for the 5-day continuation are organized so that on most days you have the afternoon off to enjoy the island. To join the 5-day continuation, you must join the Introductory Weekend or have completed Body, Heart & Soul I or another full Sacred Loving Workshop.

We have spent many years fine-tuning our programs so that learning happens in the most effective, safe, and delightful way possible. Great care is taken to present the experiences and practices in ways that respect the needs and boundaries of each individual. We realize the topics of our programs are of a delicate and private nature. Therefore, we welcome any questions you may have to determine whether our programs will be appropriate and of value to you.

Please visit our questions and answers page. It addresses many frequently asked questions about the workshops.