Niyaso Carter: Tantra coach, workshop leader, spiritual guide

Niyaso Carter

Niyaso Carter is the founder of the Sacred Loving Institute, an expert in her field, with more than 30 years of experience in guiding, teaching, and counseling individuals and couples in the areas of Tantra, sacred sexuality, trauma resolution, inner child work, holistic health, and spiritual awakening.

She is the author of “Tantra, Sex for the Soul,” a best-seller on Audible, and co-creator of the best-selling educational video “The Tantric Secrets of Sacred Sex”.

Tantra: A Spiritual Way of Life

TantraNiyaso Carter started her learning journey at the age of 18 when she lived and studied in an ashram in India for several years, where she was introduced to Tantra as a spiritual way of life. Her work is now a synthesis of her Eastern and Western training.

Niyaso’s extensive training and experience came from an effort to heal her childhood trauma. She guides people with great care, skill and experience along the adventure of self discovery, healing and awakening. She has an intimate understanding of “Ho’oponopono,” the ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness, where the inner child or unconscious is considered the mediator and gatekeeper between our normal self and our higher self.


Niyaso’s expertise includes Tantra and sacred sexuality, relationship skills training, inner child work, trauma healing, guiding women’s circles, advising teenagers, and working with family systems. She also helps people understand the principles of the law of attraction and how to understand the creative power of their thoughts and feelings to create the life they desire.

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Tantra for Trauma Resolution and Sexual Healing

Niyaso has extensive training, decades of experience and a deep personal understanding of how to heal from trauma. Niyaso’s approach to helping people resolve trauma is multi-dimensional, addressing healing from a mental, emotional, energetic, biochemical/nutritional, as well as spiritual perspective. During her work with clients she has seen first-hand the positive impact Tantric principles can have on balancing and regulating the nervous system and recovering from trauma.

Tantra for Holistic Health

Tantra for holistic healthNiyaso supports people by taking a nutritional approach to well-being alongside the emotional path of healing. She specializes in addressing anxiety, depression and other mood disorders with food and lifestyle adjustments and brain-health specific supplementation.

Teaching Tantra Worldwide

Niyaso leads workshops, retreats, and trainings around the world. Niyaso’s true gift is her compassion. She creates a learning space that is light, playful, safe, respectful, and deeply transformative.

Niyaso Carter Working with Niyaso means your guide will always keep your spiritual journey in mind. “What is your soul trying to do?” is a key question for her when working with someone. She is one of those people who never stops learning, always with the intent to upgrade and fine-tune her skills as a coach and teacher as well as to become a happier human.

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