Yes, there is more!!!

By Niyaso Carter

Happy couple. Tantra Coach

Tantra Coach

Great sex, deep intimacy, mutual understanding, love, and harmony. These are not givens simply because you’re in a relationship. Every day more people are waking up from the movie-and-media-induced myth that, once you’ve found Mr. or Mrs. Right, you live happily ever after. When their current relationship falls short of perfect – and very often it will – people begin questioning themselves and their relationships. ‘This is not the way it’s ‘meant’ to be! Maybe something is wrong with me… or with us…. or with my partner?”  And you either carry on despite your doubts, thinking ‘this is as good as it gets’. Or you get divorced and hope for more luck the next time around, right?

Happily, life doesn’t have to be like that. Couples realize, that unlike romances on the big screen, good relationships in the real world don’t just happen. Deep intimacy, real understanding, and a mutually fulfilling sex life require:

  • a commitment to growth
  • a willingness to put time and energy into the relationship
  • an openness to allowing vulnerability and new experiences (aka a willingness to learn)


Putting in the Time

Luckily, many of the more evolved couples and individuals nowadays intuitively sense there must be more. There must be a way to get there without leaving their partner and starting over in a new relationship. Many singles know they can put in the time to heal, learn, and open themselves to prepare for the best relationship ever. People in and out of relationships are becoming aware of how they can grow. And in a way that allows for a natural, easy deepening of intimacy with themselves and their partner.

Once couples begin to take proactive steps to deepen their relating, they recognize that receiving information and support from outside the relationship is an essential ingredient. This component makes opening to each other in new ways more likely, easier, playful, and fun. Having guidance from an outside source can sometimes make all the difference in enabling a couple to take the necessary steps to go to the next levels of love, joy, and ecstasy, or to save a troubled relationship.

When things get personal, it’s difficult to step outside well-worn habits and turn things around. This is one of those times when outside help can be of real benefit. Some view getting help as weakness, however, it’s actually a sign of maturity and willingness to learn new things. And yes there is more! Another reason people come to these sessions is often not unhappiness with their relationship, but a desire for the deepest intimacy and the most passion and love possible. I offer Tantra Coaching both to support couples in this blossoming of their relationship, and to singles in preparing for the most amazing relationship ever.

Niyaso Carter

Niyaso Carter, Tantra Coach & Educator

Niyaso’s extensive experience as an international workshop leader and counselor ensures your Tantra experience will be comfortable, rewarding, and inspiring. With Niyaso’s guidance, you will find the tools and gain the understandings necessary to turn your relationship and entire life into a joyful journey of self-discovery.

What is Tantra Coaching?

Tantra Coaching is a melding of eastern meditation and tantric practices, as well as psychology insights into a session – or a series of sessions – to aid couples and individuals in achieving the levels of love, intimacy, sexual fulfillment and healing that they desire. Each couple will learn the pieces most needed for the successful blossoming of their relationship. Individuals will be able to gain insights into their limiting beliefs and learn spiritual insights and practices that will make them fall in love with themselves completely, which in turn will make attracting a fitting partner effortless, if they so choose.

While the word ‘Tantra’ is commonly used today, its meaning is as varied as the people who use it (for a fuller explanation, read the section entitled ‘What is Tantra?’). In a nutshell, ‘Tantra’ is learning the art of using all of life, including our sexual energy, as a path to love of self, love of others, love of all of life. It is a path to the Sacred. On a purely practical level, it would be true to say that Niyaso simply helps people with their sex lives.

You might even call her a sex therapist, as her work often involves helping people with some of the practical questions or difficulties that can arise with sex, listening to what concerns them and teaching them about the graphic details surrounding these issues. What’s more important to her though is that she teaches people how to use the difficulties and joys that arise in their sexual and intimate relating as doorways to deepen the love between them, and so also deepen their understanding and care for themselves, and their connection to the divine.

As a General Guide, Sessions May Include:

  • Energy exercises (understanding and opening energy flow)
  • Breathing exercises
  • Centering meditations
  • Active listening
  • ‘No blame’ communication
  • Tantric exercises
  • Learning about the dynamics of yin and yang
  • Learning how to stay in your power and inner truth while relating
  • Understanding your emotional patterns in relationship
  • Information about sexual issues
  • Learning how to open your body
  • Understanding the interplay of emotions and sexuality
  • Problem solving for difficulties

To learn more about what Tantra Coaching and tantric sex sessions for couples and for individuals involve, read on, or contact us at: Email: Toll Free US: 1 800 688-1715 International: 808 572-2234

Phone and Skype consultations, sessions for couples or individuals, workshops and customized vacation packages are available to help guide you on the journey to fulfillment and sacredness in lovemaking and intimacy.

The sessions are customized to your individual needs. This is not a hands-on approach and requires no explicit sexual exercises during the sessions.

Niyaso’s extensive experience as an international workshop leader and counselor ensure that your experience with tantra will be comfortable, rewarding and inspiring. Her special gift is the ability to tease out of the myriad strands of mental, emotional and physical complexities exactly those components that will help a person or a couple to unravel limiting patterns.

She helps people find their way to the simple, innocent experience of pleasure, love and joy that goes hand in hand with spiritual awakening. As the co-creator of the best selling educational video “The tantric Secrets of Sacred Sex”, and author of “Tantra, Sex for the Soul” Niyaso has had the joy of helping many people – couples and individuals alike – open to love and reach new heights of intimacy and joy in their lives and relationships.

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