Tantra Coaching for Singles

Tantra and Tantric Sex Coaching For Singles with Niyaso Carter, Tantra Guide & Educator

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Tantra is not a practice that’s purely for people who are in a relationship, and the words ‘single’ and ‘happy’ are not mutually exclusive. The ancient Tantrika’s (people who practiced the religion of Tantra) spent years in solo preparation to prepare for the meeting with their beloved and the Divine. There is much that you can learn and open to on your own. In fact, there are some things that require a time of solitude to blossom and mature, and you can always open to the Divine, the sacred, delightful joy of your own heart – that’s certainly not a blessing kept only for those people who are in a relationship.

Tantra sex coaching for singles’ sessions can help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself, be useful and enlightening in a variety of ways:

  • receiving information
  • learning practices
  • becoming more at home in your body
  • finding support to sort through emotions with regard to a recently ended relationship
  • shining light on limiting beliefs about oneself

All these heart-based learnings will quite inadvertently allow for the attraction of a well matched partner. But more importantly these understanding and openings will make us fall totally in love with our selves and that is the ultimate prize. Individual sessions are also beneficial to persons who are already in a committed relationship but are unable to bring their partner. They can take many useful exercises and insights home with them to their loved one.

As in the sessions for couples, what happens in an individual session depends entirely on what a person needs to progress toward sexual and emotional fulfillment and alignment with Divine Love. Even though she may offer experiential exercises and meditations during these sessions, her approach in working with individuals is not hands on. Sometimes people choose to take these sessions in addition to our scheduled workshops; others prefer the privacy of the sessions to the group context. Whatever your preference is, the most important thing is that you will be made comfortable, and will find the experience beneficial and enjoyable. The video Niyaso co-created with Australian director Cynthia Connop is a good introduction to some of the basic Tantric ideas presented in the Tantra Coaching sessions. The audio program “Tantra, Sex for the Soul” and the video “The Secrets of Sacred Sex” that Niyaso has created are great introductions to her work and invaluable tools in their own right. Naturally the sessions allow for a much broader scope of topics and will be customized to your individual needs. For reviews and to order the products click here.

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