for Tantra Counseling sessions with Niyaso Carter

Below excerpts from letters and emails received by people who have attended Niyaso’s sessions
“Coming to Maui and doing the session we expected to learn sexual techniques and improve our love life, and we did both those things, but what surprised and delighted us was the spiritual depth and learning Niyaso invoked in us. We got more then we expected, we truly understand now that our relationship is part of our spiritual unfolding.” Nancy, Yoga instructor, with Randall, physician, from Vancouver

“I was amazed how comfortable I felt within minutes of knowing Niyaso and how easy it was to share real intimate details of our sex life with someone I had never met. I never thought I could do that and still feel good about it afterwards. It felt very respected and we walked away with lots of material to work with and new things to try. Now that we’ve followed her guidelines and are doing the “homework” she gave us, we realize there still lots more to learn, but it’s so very worth it. Just two sessions with her and the homework she gave us moved our relationship to a whole new level of fulfillment. We’ll be coming back next year for more.” Kim, web marketer and Patrick, attorney, from Atlanta

“The kids are grown, our financial life secure, our marriage is solid but not very intimate, it is the obvious time to attend to our relationship. In your session and during the homework you gave us we realized just how much we love each other and now we are excited to discover all the places we have yet to explore together. We are on a whole new adventure and loving it.” Mark and Heidi, Texas

“Even though some topics were pretty intense, Niyaso has a lightness and sense of humor that made it all seem playful and easy.” Tom and Margaret

“My husband set up the session and I was willing to come, but also a bit apprehensive. Niyaso’s introduction made me feel safe and comfortable right away. As we moved through the session I gained even more respect for her. Her ability to listen and her sensitivity to the moments when I was having challenging feelings arise, sensing them before I could even speak about them, made me feel very looked after and understood.” Claudia, family counselor and Daniel, stock trader from New Jersey

“We came and did the sessions for our honeymoon. Maui was so beautiful and having our own personal sex coach just made it all perfect.” Victor and Sally, New York

“Our love life had been at a standstill, we either had to get out or learn how to be together in new ways. We covered so many areas in one session, sexual information, communication tools, energetic awareness, we have lots to work with now. I’m very hopeful.” Mark, computer consultant, Emily, mother of 4, Seattle

“Niyaso is very direct, she got to the bottom of our dysfunctional patterns of relating so fast we were both astounded, but she never challenged me more then I could take and always checked in how I was doing. I found her approach to be very respectful and at the same time powerful. We now have a clearer sense of why we get stuck and some good tools to get us unstuck.” Paul, contractor, and Cynthia, fashion designer, Portland, OR

“We came to Maui for a learning and healing vacation after we’d seen the video the Secrets of Sacred Sex. The sessions with you were very educational, we also love the resource materials and reading suggestions you made and the exercises we can do at home now. But what stays with me most from our time together is a sense of sweetness and feeling deeply understood and touched, thank you.” Sandra, physician, and Trevor, architect from Santa Barbara

“I’m so glad we came to have these session with you before our wedding. .It set a wonderful pace of open communication and exploration in our marriage. Thank you.” David and Merely, Marin County, California


“I never knew one could go into so much verbal sexual graphic detail and have it feel so sensitive and intimate at the same time. Niyaso has a great sense of humor which helped us get through the more difficult or embarrassing parts of what we had to learn.” Samantha and Theo from Germany

“Being a counselor myself I have great respect for the skill and ease with which you worked with us, I realize that I need to allow my receptive feminine more if I want my relationship with Anthony to work.” Beth, social worker “Having been raised by only my mom I’m used to always defer to women, I realize that to truly honor who I am as a man and to truly have a good time I need trust my own power and instincts and intellect more and speak up and take charge. We both are a little wobbly in our new roles, but the spark is back in our sex life, thank you” Anthony, musician

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Listen for free to select chapters of the audio program "Tantra, Sex for the Soul".
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Listen for free to select chapters of the audio program "Tantra, Sex for the Soul".
Your privacy is as sacred to us as your love-life, we will not be sharing your email address with anyone.
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