Tantra Sex for the Soul

Tantra, Sex for the Soul: Easy Steps to Make Your Love Life Sacred

Make your love life sacred: Easy steps to more intimacy, passion, pleasure and love.

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Download Tantra, Sex for the Soul MP3 Format. Includes all 5 sets of the guide.

Easy steps to more Intimacy, Passion, Pleasure & Love

An Audio Home Workshop on 5CDs with tantric guide Niyaso Carter.

People seek out Tantra and Tantric Sex hoping to find more intimacy, love and better sex, yet many are confused by incomplete information or find it hard to apply what they learn in real life. Their soul tells them there is more and this is true, there is!

The Tantra, Sex for the Soul MP3 Format audio program includes clean, clear, practical insights and tips that you can use right away; tonight if you like. There are no difficult techniques or fancy language. Tantric sex is instinctive, natural and simple. Learning it should feel like finally coming home.

Simple doesn’t always mean it’s easy to do, that’s why this program gives you step by step exercises that touch every angle and leave no stone unturned. Niyaso does this in a way that is entertaining and lighthearted. She takes you by the hand and gives you the nuts and bolts of how to be a good lover, taking into account that men and women often need quite different support. The exercises and assignments are easy to follow and fun to do.

“Beautifully done. Well worth your time!”
Dr. Wayne Dyer, spiritual author

“I am listening to Niyaso Carter’s audio CD teaching program, Tantra – Sex for the Soul and finding it just fantastic. So very articulate, simple, clear, and heartful.
She deals with a delicate subject that concerns all of us in a way which is instructive, informative, and inspiring.
As a psychiatrist and seminar leader together with my wife,we will be recommending this program frequently for our participants.”

Krishnananda Trobe, MD, author of Stepping out of Fear
Co-Founder and Director of The Learning Love Institute – Sedona, Arizona

“Even just listening to the program touched my soul. And once I started the exercises with my husband I felt like we were on a second honeymoon.”
Ellen Pickford, age 38, Ohio

  • Running time 6 hours and 24 minutes on 5 CDs
  • Includes instruction, inspiration, exercises and assignments
  • To do alone or with your partner

Niyaso Carter is an expert tantric guide who has worked with people in the field of sacred sexuality and Tantra for 24 years. She works with couples, individuals and groups and trains other professionals. Niyaso translates the ancient principles of Tantra, tantric sex and Taoism into a program that is not only enlightening and entertaining, but also down to earth, pragmatic and easy to follow. “Tantra, Sex for the Soul” is a comprehensive in depth guide that will help you make your sex and love life sacred.

“Niyaso’s program makes so much sense. Listening I had all these “aha” moments, or maybe I should call them “duuuuh!” moments. It makes me wonder how I have managed to overlook the obvious for so long, but I’m just so happy to be on the right track now. I could not have done it without Niyaso’s sensible, no nonsense, and pragmatic, yet utterly sweet, kind and delightful approach.”
Judie Bradley, age 29, Atlanta

Topics this program addresses:

What is Tantra, what is tantric sex?
Ejaculation control, how to master it
How can a woman become orgasmic?
Unbalanced sexual desire in a relationship
Different types of orgasms for women
Female ejaculation
Multiple non ejaculatory orgasms for men
Valley orgasm
Sexual healing
Sexual dysfunction
Emotional issues that hinder great sex
The energetics of sex
Kundalini energy
Cultural sexual conditioning
Tantric and Taoist sexual techniques
Breathing and sex
Sex as a meditation
Learn to communicate about sex
The G-spot
Understanding yin and yang, how the sexes are different
Sex as a spiritual practice
Tantric genital massage
Relaxing and opening your body
Sexual fantasies
Trauma and sexual abuse and how to heal from it
What’s healthy sex anyway?
Surefire tips for men to become better lovers
Tips for women how to get what they want and need
And much more………

“Your Audio Workshop is the most clear and easy to implement material on Tantra and Sacred Sexuality that I have ever come across, thank you so much”
Michael Barratt, New York

A brief summary of each track can be found at the end of this page. The program is designed as a step by step journey, at the same time individual tracks can be very helpful as a quick fix for certain situations. This program also includes several specific, structured touching exercises designed to help couples educate themselves and each other in ways that most have never had the chance to do. You will learn about Tantra and how to have awesome sex while connecting with the Sacred in you and your partner.

This program has everything a couple needs to transform their lovemaking into something truly nourishing, special and divine. In this step by step approach the exercises and assignments build on each other and provide all the pieces that make for a great love life. There are no convoluted exercises, everything is easy to do. You can simply follow along. The user guidelines give you clear instructions how to best implement the program with ease no matter whether you are currently single or in relationship or what your particular circumstances are.

What others are saying about the Audio Workshop:

“Your CD series took us on an incredible journey, it was very entertaining, sometimes even thrilling. We are a changed couple because of it and we had so much fun doing it. We are grateful that you created this.”
Manfred and Ulrike Hofmeister, Munich, Germany

“The Sex for the Soul program has an amazingly healthy and whole outlook on sexuality, love and relating. As soon as I listened to it I knew I would be begging my teenagers, a boy and a girl, age 16 and 18, to listen to it. Reluctantly my kids agreed and to my total surprise they both thanked me for sharing the information with them. My girl even said that she was going to get her boyfriend to listen to it. Coming from teenagers this is high praise indeed.”
Barbara Summers, California

“I couldn’t get my partner to listen to the CDs or do exercises with me, and I was very disappointed, but it seems that just listening by myself really changed something in me and our love life got much better. He got so curious that now he has started listening too. I’m so excited and looking forward to where else we will go with this.”
Jennifer Salenger, Idaho

“My wife said, “Shape up or ship out and you figure it out!” I was at a loss so I hit the internet for advice. Niyaso’s program gave me easy practical things to do. The advice and exercises almost seemed too simple but they totally worked. I am now the hero and we are having a second honeymoon. Thank you.”
Kevin Dunster, Maui, HI

“Before finding Niyaso’s Tantra, Sex for the Soul program our marriage was on the rocks, our sex life at a standstill. As soon as I started listening I felt renewed hope. We religiously followed her program just as suggested in the user guidelines. I never thought that something so easy and fun to do would make such a difference.”
Mark Schweiber, Minnesota

“I always thought of Tantra as something esoteric that eludes me., Your program gives such common sense advice that I almost feel like I should have figured this out by myself. But I didn’t, so thank you for teaching me the obvious with such clarity, humor and gentleness. Having a step by step program to follow makes it so easy.”
Marissa Demers, Bristol, England

“I’ve read countless books on Tantra and Taoism starting in my middle twenties but was never able to really use what I learned in my love life. Now at 42 I was lucky enough to have come across your audio program Tantra, Sex for the Soul. It helped me finally put the pieces together into a coherent whole that has completely transformed my relationship with my wife. She is finally happy and so am I. Thank you so very much.”
Martin W., US Navy

“Niyaso has an amazing knack to demystify Tantra and tantric sex. With gentle, warm hearted compassion she has laid out a pragmatic course of action that is actually doable, and fun to boot.”
Dean, Michigan

“I’ve never experienced a work on tantric sex that has made so much sense, I’m having constant moments of recognition. I’m finally reclaiming what I have always known, just didn’t have the words for it, but what I like even better is that I now have simple, easy steps that I can take that get me where I’ve always wanted to go with my wife.”
Uwe Deimler, Hamburg, Germany

What Niyaso is saying about her audio home Workshop:

“I am super excited about this audio workshop. It is based on all the many situations I have encountered in my 24 years as a sacred sex educator and relationship counselor, and it comprises the best tips and exercises of my entire sacred sex coaching and teaching experience. It’s six hours of material and it is designed for singles and couples who want to make their love life divine.

The first 3 CDs take you on a journey of sacred learning and to those CDs you can listen to together or alone, in the car or anywhere. The last 2 CDs are all exercises and assignments, some can be done alone or together and some are to be done together.

I created this audio workshop because not everyone has the time or money to fly to Hawaii to take a workshop or sessions with me. The “Tantra, Sex for the Soul” audio workshop will give you the best possible learning experience short of working with me in person. In fact working with me in person is greatly enhanced and learning is speeded up if you first listen to the audio program.”

The “Tantra Sex for the Soul” audio workshop will teach you the healthy and joyful expression of sexual energy, deep intimacy in relating, and an understanding of love and sex as a spiritual path.

Disks 1-3 are Part One of the program. Listen to all of Part One, together or separately, before attempting the exercises in Part Two. Talk to each other about how the information in Part one touched you. Then move on to the exercises on Disk 4. Ideally, do all exercises in order but you can also feel free to pick and choose. Tracks 2, 3, and 4 are solo exercises to be done alone or together. Tracks 6, 7, and 8 are guided exercises to follow along together as a couple. Disk 5, The Assignments, listen to each assignment first and then do it as you listen a second time. For additional support and information see the User Guidelines included in the box.

Packaged in an aesthetic box with user guidelines and track titles
This program is a great gift idea.

Review by Laurel Airica from Word Magic:

Tantra, Sex for the Soul

An Audio Workshop for Making Love Divine

“Love, Sex and the Sacred belong together.” Niyaso Carter

Whatever your background and age, you will find no better guide to the mysteries and raptures of sacred love-making than Tantric expert Niyaso Carter. Whether you are or hope soon to be in a deeply fulfilling relationship you will find no better roadmap for the Journey than her five CD set, “Tantra, Sex for the Soul: Easy Steps to More Intimacy, Passion, Pleasures and Love”.

“Love is what brings joy in living. Sex is perhaps the most powerful dynamic at work in all of life. Together these two energies can lead us to sacred and mystical states of consciousness and ecstasy.” Niyaso Carter

Drawing on her life-long education in Eastern esoteric practices and Western depth-psychology – and her 24 years as a sacred sex educator – Niyaso presents a profound, life-healing synthesis of sexual, psychological and spiritual insights, stories and exercises that can transform anyone’s love life from strictly routine to routinely transcendent.

“The sex act, when done with awareness, has incredible healing potential. Through loving sex we can heal our bodies, our hearts and our entire beings.” Niyaso Carter

Niyaso shares her deep understanding of this most intimate of subjects in ways that inspire trust, confidence and receptivity in her listeners. Even those whose shyness or shame have prevented them from revealing their private fantasies and secret preferences to their partners may finally feel empowered to do so after experiencing Niyaso’s compassionate approach to this highly-charged, endlessly fascinating subject.

With eloquence, gentle humor and total directness – in her beautiful, lightly-accented voice – Niyaso thoroughly covers and uncovers every issue that could arise between lovers who seek to connect with the finer frequencies of cosmic energy when they come together sexually. Topics she addresses over the course of the CDs’ six+ hours of training include, among others –

  • Sexual communication skills
  • How emotions can make or brake great sex
  • Different types of orgasm for women
  • Multiple orgasms for men
  • Recovery from sexual repression and trauma
  • Easy to practice exercises for heightening sexual pleasure and vitality

Also included are relaxation and meditation techniques that can turn
sexual partners into spiritual partners capable of opening the gates of
Heaven to each other.

“To be fully aware of our sexuality and to be able to make choices about
how to live this energy with joy and integrity is an art form. Mastering
this art requires learning a wide range of skills from energetic
awareness to communication skills, from emotional intelligence to a
spiritual grounding, not to mention a highly developed sense of humor.”
Niyaso Carter

“Tantra, Sex for the Soul” is an extraordinary gift to give to oneself
as well as to new couples or ‘old marrieds’ who desire to experience
their inborn capacity for merging into deep states of blissful
Body-and-Soul communion. Listeners who put the techniques into practice
will discover new realms of sensual, emotional and spiritual joy from
the deepest to the highest octaves of ecstasy.

Track summaries:

CD 1
Track 1: Tantra can change your Life
Gives an overview of what sacred sexuality is, what Tantra is and what makes for great sex

Track 2: Healthy Sex, what is that?
Niyaso discusses sex education or the lack thereof in current society and how a healthy sexual upbringing might look like.

Track 3: What is Tantra?
An explanation of Tantra and tantric sex and its meaning and application in today’s society

Track 4: What makes sex sacred?
Discusses the many confusions and misconceptions people pick up inadvertently in the area of sexuality in today’s culture. Gives an overview of what it takes to have sex sacred.

Track 5: Make Love Often
Not doing it is not the answer, but doing it and not enjoying it is not either. Explains the steps a couple can take toward doing it more often and loving it.

Track 6: Open to Pleasure
Our bodies are our temples. Living fully in them we learn to enjoy every aspect of being physical

More track summaries soon to come