Learn Tantra at our Women’s Workshops

with Tantric Guide & Educator, Niyaso Carter

Join us in paradise to learn tantra, play, and be nurtured by the warm ocean, beaches, lush tropical jungle, waterfalls, and pools. And all while you learn tantra in our transformational programs with participants from around the world. Together with her team, Niyaso creates the context and safe space for the women’s circle. Then, through meditation, sharing, tantric practices, energy work, and touching practices she opens possibilities for each woman to experience herself renewed and empowered. However, it is the sacred circle of women sharing that creates the transformation.

In the Magic of the Women’s Circle

womenWherever the feminine has been honored, women have kept a special time for being together as women. A time to share, support, and teach each other to live empowered and fulfilled lives. As well as a time for sharing their strength, rawness, vulnerability, and deep dark mysteries. In these gatherings, a woman learned to appreciate the unique woman she truly was. And how to be herself fully in life, sexuality, and in relationship to man and god. In these circles, she was initiated into the goddess that could meet the god.

In today’s culture women are taught to repress or use the gift of their sexuality in ways that are often not aligned with their deepest needs and inner truths. Very few women succeed in growing into the full and rich potential of their sexuality in an untainted way.

We do a lot of our growing and learning in our relationships with men. However, if this is our only place of growth and support, we are courting disaster. (Some things are meant to be given from woman to woman.)

three womenThe meeting of woman with man is much richer when it is experienced with the backdrop of wisdom and understanding provided by our sisters, aunts, mothers, and crones.

In the realm of sexuality much learning, unlearning, and understanding can happen among women. Some things are best learned from beings who share the same biology and archetypal energies. The meeting of woman with woman is incredibly rich when, instead of competition, this kind of support is at the heart of the meeting. In this weekend (or 4-day) workshop we will go where we choose — the sweet, the fierce, the confused, the clear, the sexual, the sensual, the receptive, the assertive — wherever we need to go to help each woman find her way to be more at home with herself.