Attention Wellness Professionals:

Become a Tantra Practitioner with Sacred Loving Institute

Tantra is more than a set of techniques for advanced sex. It is a spiritual path that aligns us with ourselves and the world around us, leading to deep connectedness, joyful pleasure, and love.

Taking the teacher path is a great way to really go deeper into Tantra.

It is how we spark our own awakening.

At the Tantra Practitioners Training, you learn how to work in the realm of Sacred Sexuality and relationship skills building and intimacy coaching, so you can live a life of impact, inspiration, and abundance.

It’s not necessarily about teaching public Tantra workshops — although that may indeed be the path for you!

It’s about diving deep into your inner essence.

Now is the time to teach Tantra with greater depth, skill and nuance than ever before.

Gain the tools and skills to grow your healing practice, expand your facilitation skills or start a new career. All this while playing in the nourishing nature and ocean of Maui, Hawaii.

Become the being that can help others effectively and powerfully!

This training entails 3 segments in person over the course of 18 months and ongoing studies and classes online throughout the year. You can take one segment at a time.

On Maui, Hawaii

Next training starts Spring 2024 with Niyaso Christine Carter and team.

All levels of experience are welcome

From budding coaches or healers to long-time psychotherapists, coaches or group facilitators.

This is an experiential and interactive training which requires an interest in personal development for yourself, along with the interest in learning to facilitate for others. We can only facilitate the level of depth that we have been able to go to ourselves.

Tantra is like an art form; it’s paying attention to the beauty and power of life energy and sexual energy in concert with the natural world in order to become the most excellent lover and being.

A Professional Tantra Training Like No Other

Learn in an environment that is exquisitely supportive of your own body, heart and nervous system.

Our curriculum is designed to give you the tools and skills you need to excel as a Tantra practitioner. You’ll learn about:

Tantric practices, rituals and meditations
Part of the Tantra path is working with, understanding and fine tuning your own energy body. All the practices are designed to assist you in coming home to yourself and sharing your own message from a place of clarity.

You will learn a number of meditative practices. We will work with sound and energy. A long time meditator herself, Niyaso has mastered the art of teaching meditation in a way that is accessible, effective, easy and fun to even the most non-meditative person and she will show you how to do the same.

Effective, compassionate communication skills

You will learn several communication skills modalities. One of our students favorite tools is Marshal Rosenberg’s Non-violent Communication practices.

Boundaries and Consent practices
You will learn about your own boundaries, how to communicate them and how to hold space for others to get in touch with theirs.
Basics of somatic experiencing
You will learn the basics of somatic experiencing, the pioneering work by Peter Levine which teaches how to understand the physiology of trauma and monitor someone’s nervous system. You will learn techniques to manage yours and others arousal states and many tools on how to come to balance and resilience.
Breathing techniques for calming, energizing, and accessing altered states
The breath is a potent tool. You will learn how to facilitate various breathing experiences safely. We cover many of the ways it can be used for healing, for calming, to balance your nervous system, to energize, to access altered states.
Movement and Yoga practices
Learn how to facilitate a transformative movement session. This is not a Yoga teacher training, but daily Yoga and several other movement practices will be part of the experience and you will learn how to teach others these practices.
Safe, conscious touch and bodywork
Touch is a language we will explore in depth including how to touch others therapeutically and safely. This is not a massage training, but students will learn bodywork and energy work techniques that facilitate connection and opening.
Attachment styles and how to work with them
The wounding or safety of our childhood defines how we relate to others in our adult lives. You’ll learn to understand different attachment styles, where they come from, and how to become a securely attached human and help others do the same.
Emotional release techniques and how to do them safely
Working with emotions is a dynamic and complex topic. During this Tantra Teacher Training student will be exposed to the finer points of when emotional release work is indicated and how to work safely with others so as to heal and awaken rather than re-traumatize.
Working with trauma skillfully from both the physiological and psychological perspectives
Trauma-informed is a big buzzword these days, but to truly work with trauma takes a great deal of knowledge, patience and understanding and attunement. You will learn the physiology of trauma as well as the psychology of trauma and how they interconnect.

You will gain an understanding of how to work with complex PTSD (CPTSD), also known as developmental trauma

Inner child work
Our inner child is one of the voices inside us that often runs the show without us fully knowing. Learning to have a relationship with this inner innocence is crucial to a fully blossomed sexuality alive in all its colors. You will learn to hold space for another’s exploration into their playful and vulnerable inner child.
Voice Dialogue, parts work, Internal Family Systems (IFS)
You will get to know the family of your own inner voices and how to facilitate an inner voice integration session with another.
Hawaiian ho'oponopono practice
“Ho’oponopono,” the ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness, is another way of working with the law of attraction. In this practice, the inner child or unconscious is considered the mediator and gatekeeper between our normal self and our higher self.
Understanding the law of attraction and how it works in your relationships and life
Creating your own reality is what we humans do all the time, but understanding how the law of attraction really works goes far beyond affirmations and visualization into understanding the shadow side of our creation power.
6 steps to freedom technique
The Diederik Wolsak technique dives into understanding the law of attraction at its most practical level, bringing self compassion and deep inquiry into the healing process.
Family constellation work
Different from the inner voices, family constellation refers to the shamanic work created by Bert Hellinger where we explore the effect of our family lineage on our current state of health and happiness, releasing and healing wounds from and for our family lineage.
Building Healthy Tribe
Throughout our time together we will explore what a healthy community means and work toward a culture of love in action. In a world where a lot of online content is more and more created by artificial intelligence, having genuine, real life human connection is more important than ever before. Some things are more easily received, absorbed and embodied in real time physical proximity, a transmission of higher vibration happens naturally and effortlessly and is so deeply nourishing.
Our team, led by Niyaso Christine Carter, will empower you with the expertise and integrity you need to succeed as a Tantra practitioner. Some of Niyaso’s former students have gone on to become Tantra trainers themselves, teaching hundreds of classes. Others have integrated Tantra into their existing practice to better serve their clients.

Escape to Maui and Discover Yourself

Seeing sex as a sacred energy, to make sexual intimacy a true form of art you need creativity, skill, knowledge and wisdom. For this we need to get quiet, unwind, and allow time to stop, surrender and be receptive.

To support this attunement, Tantra techniques are used to further the process of coming closer to nature and our inner essence. You’ll experience nature immersion spaces where you’ll be guided to awaken your sense of connection to Mother Earth and receive wisdom directly from her to you.

Don’t Miss this Opportunity to Discover the Essence of Tantra and Create a Better Future for Yourself and Others!

If you want to expand your career or practice and learn the art of Tantra while experiencing the beauty of Hawaii, this program is for you!

To ensure a good fit, we have several options for you to explore prior to applying.

Here are a few steps to see if this is a good fit for you:

Listen to the audio program “Tantra, Sex for the Soul”, by Niyaso Carter (available on Audible, Itunes and on our site)

Book a session with Niyaso, put her decades of experience, depth of knowledge and wisdom to work for you.

Get to know your facilitator! Check out Niyaso’s bio [here]

Watch Niyaso’s video, “The Tantric Secrets of Sacred Sex” to see how Niyaso’s teaching is rooted in decades of experience.

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You will discover more about your own sexuality, relationships, capacity for intimacy and inner world and will deepen your understanding of your own life path, and emerge from the training with an embodied sense of purpose and direction.

Whether you’re a teacher, an aspiring teacher, or a student seeking to penetrate the depth and wisdom of Tantra – this is for you.