What is Tantra and Tantric Sex?

Welcome to the Sacred Loing Institute. Enjoy these articles about Tantra and Tantric Sex. Some are written by Niyaso Carter and others are reviews of Niyaso’s work.

What is Tantra and Tantric Sex?

I often get asked: What is Tantra and what is Tantric sex, The term Tantra has become popular lately, but few people really know what it means. Since the famous singer Sting appeared on the television show Oprah and declared that learning Tantric sex has enabled him to make love…

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What is Tantra Coaching?

Tantra Coaching is a melding of eastern meditation and tantric practices, as well as psychology insights into a session – or a series of sessions – to aid couples and individuals in achieving the levels of love, intimacy, sexual fulfilment and healing that they desire…

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Opening The Heart Through Sex

Deep and ecstatic sex touches us like few other things do. It takes us out of our normal, controlled way of being. It opens our breath, senses, feelings, and our heart too. This can be so lovely and beautiful, but also disturbing or exposing. When we truly make love, when we surrender…

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Healthy Sexuality, Fulfilling Relationships

About the Sacred Loving workshops and the Body, Heart and Soul Training Despite all the exposure that sex has in the media these days it still remains a topic of great mystery and confusion. How do we define a healthy sexuality? Personally I find the answer is not at all easy.

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Trust Your Pleasure

Pleasure is how the body expresses well-being. Ease, a sense of well-being, and pleasure are things every human being deserves, in fact, needs to experience in order to have a fulfilled life. Our emotions and what’s going on in our mind… topic of great mystery and confusion. How do we define a healthy sexuality? Personally I find the answer is not at all easy.

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What Heals, How Do We Grow?

Every human being is inherently good and beautiful, and even though their action may seem strangely contradictory, every being is striving toward understanding of their deeper nature and desiring to move toward light…

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The Secrets of Sacred Sex

“This is an exquisite video. It addresses Tantric sexual practices in a tasteful and comprehensive manner. It is the most thoroughly sacred approach to sexuality of all the contemporary informational videos I have seen.”

– Annie Brook, Tantra Magazine

Sacred Sex Comes of Age

A Video Review

Conscious Living Magazine Australia Jan/Feb issue 1994

Side note: The film discussed in this article and referred to as Sacred Sex 2, is known and sold under different titles in various countries. In the US it is known as The Secrets of Sacred Sex, in Germany it is called Tantra Sex.,,

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Perfectly Imperfect

Why relationships are perfectly imperfect

By and large relationships tend to be imperfectly perfect. By that I mean that we choose exactly the person who can touch our soul, and help us learn our lessons the best, but that doesn’t always mean that we’re happy about that…

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Body, Heart, and Soul

By Mary Nurrie Stearns

Lotus Magazine Summer 1994. Body, Heart, and Soul is an opportunity for people to restore their capacity for open and profound ways of relating and sexual sharing. This seven day intensive training program explores the roots of our sexual being, and is structured as a series of experiences…

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