Tantra Breathwork

with Niyaso Carter assisted by Kelly Day


Come join us for a unique breathwork event!

Tantra breathwork is in its essence similar to holotropic breathwork and includes a movement practice. Both the movement and breathwork help us access our innate inner wisdom and healing intelligence, allowing us to move toward positive transformation.
We begin with a movement practice called Latihan. This helps the body and energy open gently like a flower in the sunshine.
The breathing will be done in pairs, so you will be supported one-on-one during your breathing and will have a chance to hold space for another. You will be invited to instruct your sitter how to be with you and what type of support you wish to experience. You will be encouraged to follow your inner guidance as to how gently or intensely you want to be with your breathing – and you can’t do it wrong.
There will be time to integrate together at the end.
Date: June 9th, 2024 @ 4-7pm
Location: private property in Huelo
This event is by donation.
Reserve your spot, space is limited.
Directions will be sent once you RSVP.
For questions, more details or to RSVP text or call (808) 264-3176 or email info@sacredloving.net
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Niyaso has been facilitating transformational workshops for many years. To learn more about her go to: https://sacredloving.net/about