How To Increase Intimacy

I was just interviewed on the Thriving Launch Podcast talking about How To Increase Intimacy. If you want to know how slowing down can lead to more intimacy, be sure to listen in here:

Thriving Launch Podcast: How To Increase Intimacy with Niyaso Carter

Listed below are some key takeaways from this podcast:

  • Tantra is a word that originated in ancient India. It means the practice of coming into union with God, the source, or the divine.
  • Tantra and intimacy are almost synonymous. Knowing how to increase intimacy is important.
  • Intimacy is the ability to communicate vulnerably. It’s the ability to know and trust yourself enough that you can say it how it is.
  • Communicating with your body is just being honest, being authentic, saying, and being how it is. This will teach you how to increase intimacy.
  • Partners need their words to learn how to increase intimacy because in order to bring things in the direction of where the joy is, where the opening is, and where the heartfelt relaxation is.
  • One of the key tips to men if they want to know how to increase intimacy is to be willing to ask questions of their partner.
  • The right thing for a man to do who really wants to open up things sexually and intimately, would be to go, “Well, take some time. Ask your body how it feels. Let your body do the talking. See what comes up if you don’t worry about saying the right thing.”
  • Movies show scenes unrelated to real life. Learn how to increase intimacy through some research.
  • There aren’t any healthy sex visuals available. Know how to increase intimacy through some authentic resources.
  • Don’t take what you see out there or what you read even in magazines as the ultimate truth on how sexuality should look like. Learn how to increase intimacy through authentic sources.
  • Taking some time is an important missing piece. Take time to learn how to increase intimacy.
  • Taking time, asking questions, feeling your body, asking what would feel better, and waiting for the body to supply that answer is actually the real healthy sexuality or the real path to the most amazing sex. Knowing how to increase intimacy helps in having amazing sex.
  • It takes courage to believe that slowing down leads somewhere good. To know how to increase intimacy, slow down every process.
  • The biggest sexual trouble is there’s no role modeling of couples taking about what feels good for them.
  • Natural course of a loving long-term couple that keeps exploring is that sex gets better and better over time. Know this in order to be able to learn how to increase intimacy.
  • In a good relationship, relaxation and trust actually builds and it actually increases the ability to feel and sense, in the sexual realm as well.
  • A good sex life is not a matter of luck rather knowing how to increase intimacy. It is a matter of understanding the ingredients that it’s going to take to get there very lightly and playfully. This doesn’t have to be serious kind of processing but to just continuously learn to open.
  • A committed relationship that wants to have sexuality be good is a spiritual practice. This is how to increase intimacy.
  • There’s no connection when you’re chasing around the sensation or the orgasm. Know how to increase intimacy and have orgasm.
  • To learn effective communication means to make “I” statements and to speak about what you would like rather what is not working.
  • Learn how to increase intimacy and keep the communication positive.
  • People don’t know what’s going to feel good because they haven’t really given themselves permission to question, “What might feel even better?”
  • One of the key questions that both men and women ask their partner and themselves is, “Is there anything that we could do even a tiny, little bit differently that might feel even better?”
  • If having a hard time getting aroused or having an orgasm, the first piece is relaxing and asking your body what it needs. This really helps you knowing how to increase intimacy.
  • Honesty is the greatest aphrodisiac that teaches you how to increase intimacy.
  • Honesty has to be handled with kindness and vulnerability.
  • Having trouble achieving orgasm for women is not a new conversation but it has to do with finding her trust in the relationship, in her body, and in her femininity. That takes slowing down and taking time.
  • The bedroom is the best place where people can be real, vulnerable, open, and more relaxed.
  • Have eye contact sometimes during love making to keep the connection, this is how to increase intimacy.
  • It’s not really that you need anyone’s specific thing necessarily but the willingness to explore new things on a regular basis.
  • Know what phrases and words are the magic key to opening for your partner that will help you knowing how to increase intimacy.

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