Love yourself first, fulfilling relationships will be a natural outcome

self love“If you want to be truly loving towards yourself, talk to yourself like you would speak to a 5-year-old child in pain.” Matt Kahn

If you’ve been following my posts, you may have noticed that the theme of many of them this year have to do with learning self-love. From this you can tell what my life theme is as well (we teach what we need to learn). And whilst I am a little embarrassed about the fact that I, the wise teacher, counselor and coach, still have a lot to learn about loving myself, I recognize that it is a life long journey, until we are free. And you cannot hope to have a truly satisfying love life until you learn to be on your own side. Tantra and self-love are intimately intertwined.

First you have to notice the fact that indeed there is a fairly constant inner conversation going on inside and then you must notice the content of what you tell yourself. Negative self-talk can be deeply unconscious, meaning; we don’t even know it’s going on. You can tell the flavor of your inner dialogue by how you feel, if you don’t feel so good, know that the self-talk you are having is negative, unkind, destructive towards yourself and, most importantly, not true!

I hope you enjoy this video. About 36 minutes into it you will hear Matt Kahn’s most beautiful and funny description of what is and isn’t good spiritual advice and how best to love yourself. If you don’t have the patience to watch the whole video, go straight there.

Matt Kahn on self love and spirituality: Freedom from Adversity

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