3 Tantric Tips for More Intimacy

Improve intimacy in your sex life with these 3 simple tantric tips

As Valentines Day approaches many people take stock of their relationship and that’s a good thing.

niyaso carter - Tantric-Lovemaking-LgThere is always another level of joy, sacredness and fulfillment to be found no matter how good your relationship already is. Below are 3 tantric tips for more intimacy that you can use right away; tonight if you like. There are no difficult techniques or fancy language. Tantra and tantric sex are natural and simple and learning it should feel like finally coming home. I know that simple doesn’t always mean easy, so if you try these tips and it leaves you with questions, that’s great too, please don’t give up or say this doesn’t work. Feel free to write in with your questions.

There are lots of really easy steps that you can take so that you can have the best sex that you’ve ever had, consistently, again and again. If after reading my 3 tantric tips for more intimacy below you want more right away, the best resource is the audio program “Tantra, Sex for the Soul” it will give you everything you need to have not only great sex, but truly sacred sex.

Tantra and tantric sex tips with Niyaso.

Do you believe that you can have a deeply intimate relationship and an awesome sex life, consistently?

Do you sometimes wonder how to bring both into your life?

You’re not alone. Since I’ve worked in the field of sacred relationship and Tantra for over 24 years now, I often get asked for some tantric sex tips. I believe that deep intimacy and amazing sex on a consistent basis requires devoted practice from a couple, but I’ll give you a few key tips right here. They may seem too simple, that’s the beauty of them. Please try these 3 tantric tips, I promise they work.

1) Have eye contact during lovemaking, let yourself be seen, be not just physically naked, but also emotionally naked.

2) Relax! Your body will teach you how to have sacred sex if you slow down enough to listen to it.

3) Make creating love the goal of lovemaking, not orgasm. Don’t settle for sexual gratification, you can do so much better.

Fulfilling divine lovemaking is in your blueprint. What that means is that if you just relax enough to listen to your body and your heart, you will experience ecstatic, fantastic sex effortlessly. You just need to let yourself relax and trust in your innermost voice.

That’s really all I do with my work. I show people how to listen to that inner voice again that way they can have this wonderful sex that they intuitively know is there for them. Your body knows, your heart is wise, your inner voice is always present. Let it teach you. Love, sex and the sacred belong together, check out this video clip :

Surprise your partner with something special for Valentines Day! The audio program “Tantra, Sex for the Soul” includes guided journeys and assignments that will change your love life for the better forever. The guided journeys and exercises are easy to do and you can follow along right away, tonight if you like. No previous knowledge of Tantra is required. For more details and access to the downloadable audio program “Tantra, Sex for the Soul” click here.

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Recommended tracks for Valentines Day from the audio program “Tantra, Sex for the Soul”:

* Enjoying eye gazing

* Breathing together

* Learn Energy Touch

* Yes, No, Please Touch

* Learn Genital Massage

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Niyaso Carter

Niyaso Carter

Tantric Guide and Spiritual Coach, Founder of Sacred Loving Institute

For well over 25 years, Niyaso Carter has been guiding, teaching and counseling individuals in the areas of Tantra, sacred sexuality and spirituality.

As a young adult, starting at age 18, she lived and studied in India for several years and there she was introduced to Tantra as a spiritual way of life. Later she went on to study psychology and her work is now a synthesis of her eastern and western training. As an expert in her field, Niyaso leads workshops and retreats around the world. She is well known for co-creating the best-selling educational video “The Tantric Secrets of Sacred Sex” – which has introduced thousands of people to a life of more love, intimacy and pleasure. She is the author of the audio program Tantra, Sex for the Soul, a comprehensive guide showing couples and singles how to make their sex life sacred, while in the privacy of their own home.

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