Don’t just have sex… make love!

Don’t just have sex… make love! Most people, when they hear the words “making love,” immediately assume it means having a sexual exchange. Have you ever really considered why that is? This description of sex is used because through the ages sex has been and still is one of the best ways we humans have to create more love:  in our relationship, in our lives, and on the planet.

Unfortunately, having sex doesn’t always equal making love. Creating more love isn’t what people are taught to think about as the most important thing to focus on when they’re having sex. Are you interested in turning your ordinary sex life into an extraordinary love making adventure? I will be helping you get closer to this reality right here with insights, wisdom, tips and easy things to do!

It can be quite a journey, but the vistas on the journey are full of lovely blossoms.

Excerpted from “Sex for the Soul,” an Audio Home Study Course on Tantric Sex

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