Continuing on the topic of orgasmic potential for women

Since many of you asked me, I am pondering more ways to communicate to you how women can experience increased orgasmic enjoyment.  This is a journey that is multifaceted and I cover it in great depth in my audio program “Tantra, Sex for the Soul” that you can find on my site. However, for now I want to focus once more on the aspect of this journey that is a sooooo important and that is available to anyone, anywhere, anytime and that is the one of coming more alive in your own body. I can not emphasize enough how crucial a piece this is.

If you have followed my infrequent posts you will know about the homework assignment that I gave a little while back to live more in your senses, to declare a pleasure week. If you haven’t you can look back through the posts and find the instructions for it.

When I talk about  being alive in your body, I’m not talking about self pleasuring as in masturbation, but rather an open-hearted relaxing and opening into the sensual pleasure potential of everyday life. To do that you need two things we often don’t give ourselves: Time and permission; leisure time and the willingness to open your body in new ways.  Our true state of being is ease and enjoyment, if we relax fully there is well-being. If we feel anything less it’s because we are not able to allow it, for whatever reason.

Even while you are sitting here reading this, check in with yourself: If you had to give your pleasure level a rating of 1-10 right now, with 10 being blissfully, delightedly reveling in your physical existence, high energy and excited but relaxed and at ease at the same time and 1 being tense, in pain, numb, constricted with no or low energy, where are you right now? And what can you do right now to increase the number? What movement, action, breath, touch or self talk can you give yourself right now that would make you feel more sensually alive? Maybe you can touch yourself, stretch a bit, let yourself know that there is all the time in the world, let yourself know that all is well, do a Brazilian dance move with your pelvis, maybe you can go get your favorite smell and take a deep breath enjoying it.  It makes no difference whether you are alone in your space right now or with someone else. The options are endless.
I encourage you to find at least one thing to do right now. And if you like it keep going and find more and more and more….. 

Have fun!

To learn more check out my audio program Tantra, Sex for the Soul 

It is an in depth map to a journey of opening into sacred sexuality and love and it is equally valuable for singles or couples

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