Sex should feel like coming home

 Tantra and opening to sacred sex is more of an unlearning process then anything else. If there is something to learn it’s to learn to trust your innermost being and noone or nothing else. Certainly I hope you don’t subscribe to all the strange ways of being sexual that pass for normal these days in the media, or in the ways that you have somehow gleaned from questionable sources. It’s always good to check the source. So whatever you believe about how sex should be, take the time to go back and try and remember where you learned that.

Learning Tantra, or rather opening/re-awakening to Tantra, should feel like doing what makes most sense, moving how is most natural and simple, saying and exploring what feels right. It should feel like finally coming home.

Here is how Barry Long, one of my most important mentors in the realm of sacred sex said it:

You have that love inside of you, where you came from, where there are no problems, no movement, no bodies, where there is no necessity for separation because all is one. You came out of that reality and into the rubbery matter of flesh. You pass through this flesh for seventy or eighty years and then the consciousness you are returns back into that place before conception. Knowledge of that love is deep inside you, deep inside your body, underneath your self. You can only love anything to the degree that you have a knowledge of this original love within you; the love of being one and not being many.”

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