Great sex is in our blueprint

What that means is that our bodies and hearts have inbuilt all the information needed to have awesome, sacred, mind-melting, sweet,  loving, fulfilling divine sex and this is true for everyone, no matter how much negative sexual experiences or even abuse we have endured, no matter how repressive or confusing our upbringing was. To have this amazing sex, our one and only task is to line up with this inherent inner knowing and for this we have to relax and then relax even more , slow down enough and get quiet enough so that we can hear what our body and heart is saying. Listen!! Listen to your body and your heart.

Then the next task is to communicate what we have learned from listening so deeply to ourselves and to share it in gentle, effective ways to our partner. That’s it. This is the complete formula for great sex.

Sounds simple? Well it is simple, and at the same time I’m well aware that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Which part is not easy for you? The relaxing, the receiving of your body’s and heart’s messages, or the communicating to your partner? For many people communicating is the hard part. But please rest assured that you have what it takes to make all of these areas of loving easy and doable.

If any aspect of this doesn’t come as effortlessly as I make it sound, I encourage you to listen to my audio program “Tantra, Sex for the Soul”. In the program I spend 7 hours talking and giving exercises, sharing all the tips and clues I have created and accumulated , spelling out all the possible pitfalls and giving the most comprehensive possible overview gleaned from my 24 years of teaching and counseling in this area .

And always remember, your body knows, your inner being is wise, listen! All is well.

To check out the audio program “Tantra, Sex for the Soul” , read what topics are covered, and what people are saying, click here

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