What comes first, great sex or feeling good inside yourself? Read what Abraham has to say about it.

So much of the time we want intimacy, or we want better sex because we know how good it feels. At one point in time, most of us have made an experience (or many) where being with another and engaging in some form of physical touch has given us a transcendental moment of well being, maybe even extended times of bliss. Often we slip into this delight of our physical senses quite by surprise, yet many times we don’t know how to re-create it. Often we don’t even know where to start.

A lot of my work is about teaching people how to experience this sense of joy, wellbeing and physical delight with one another. I teach them that there is things that they can do that will create this wonderful experience. That having a great love life is not a matter of luck. That’s why I created my audio home workshop ‘Tantra, Sex for the Soul”.

But what is always important to remember is that your partner can not get you there if you are not available for it. To consistently experience wonderful sex in a long term relationship, for example, both parties need to be very tuned in to their own being.

Yes, sometimes you can be in a lousy mood and having a good lovemaking session or a powerful orgasm can change your space quickly and can make you feel so much better. But don’t count on your partner or on sex to make you feel better. It will be at best temporary.

Here is what Abraham said when asked to talk about  Tantra:

(Abraham is a group of non-physical entities channeled by Esther Hicks, who, sometimes quite irreverently, and always with great insight teaches about the Law of Attraction and finding well being.)

“Nothing in all of the universe is more delicious then being in vibrational alignment with the whole of who I am. And when I am in vibrational alignment with the whole of who I am, every cell in my body is fully connected to that source energy and so the movement of energy  and the movement of feeling, the movement of emotion through my body is more exaggerated during my alignment time then any other time.

To be in alignment with my source and to be in the physical proximity with physical touch of another person who is also in in alignment with their own source, is the most sublime physical experience that ever exists.

And it is not a surprise to me (we’re speaking from your perspective) that the absolute and actual creation and regeneration of the  species of which we are a part happens during that glorious physical interaction.

Nothing is more delicious then to be physically focused, in alignment with source energy and in physical contact with another who is also in physical alignment , in vibrational alignment with the source within them. It just does not get any better then that.”

So what’s the moral of the story.  That is is much more useful to find your own sense of well being first for yourself rather then to expect your partner to get you there. Or another way of putting it:

True amazing connection happens when you are in tune with yourself first and your partner is in tune with themselves. Any meeting from that place is divine and you don’t need any fancy techniques. You need to learn the practice of coming into aligment with yourself, that’s all. This is actually really good news because it means that you have control over the situation. If you are wondering how to find this attunement to your inner being or source, I recommend to you the books and audio materials of Abraham.

This approach has another good news factor, it means that while you are single, maybe waiting for the next relationship, there is lots you can do to prepare yourself for a better experience than you ever experienced before.

Nothing is more worthwhile then bringing your focus to this endeveour of finding your wellbeing on your own, no matter what is happening around you. Because not only will you have great sex, the rest of your life will be wonderful too.

Then, once you have learned how to nourish your connection with inner being, or source, any tool or technique that you choose to pick up to enhance your intimate relating will work like a charm.

For more information and details on the audio program “Tantra, Sex for the Soul go to: https://sacredloving.net/SacredSexStore_pages/Audio5CDs.html


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