To have the best sex possible, often we need some healing


“You cannot change your past; you can only give new meaning to it. What we call healing is a state where you understand why things happened the way they did. When you are illuminated by sacred comprehension, your heart overflows with forgiveness and gratitude and you are free of the issue. That is what we call healing.”
Sri Prem Baba

In my experience as a Tantra coach in order to attain the most divine, heart melting, soul-merging lovemaking, most of us need to let go of limiting, contracting patterns; to have the deepest intimacy and the best orgasms often we need some healing. Healing, as described by Prem Baba above, is a seeing, a recognition of what happened, so we will not be run by the past as an unconscious program. It is not really important why something happened, but it is important to come to recognize the effect the events had on us as the vulnerable, impressionable young beings that we were and what decisions we made unconscioulsy as a result. From that place of witnessing and self compassion we gain the freedom to choose differently. When two individuals with this understanding come together in conscious partnership, magic happens.

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