This video clip is so funny, and will for sure touch you, let it!

I wish I was as able to be as funny and totally deep at the same time as Louis C.K. in these 4 minutes of absolute brilliance.

After you watch it, I invite you to allow some empty, quiet space, even just one minute! And I suggest that if that moment of space does not feel great, if you wish it was over already and you could focus again on something to do, let the space go on a little longer and find total compassion toward that not so good feeling part of you, without needing to label or analyze it, find total love toward yourself. We are not all so lucky as to be able to burst out in tears at the first moment of space and clear the air and find our happiness. Sometimes our inner children need a little trust-building first. So hang out with whatever you find in that moment of space and promise yourself to be kind and loving toward yourself no matter what shows up. This ability for self compassion is is more valuable than gold. And if having space just feels absolutely awesome, do it more often.

Funny, brilliant, sad, deep comedy clip with Louis C.K.

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