The pleasure of orgasm is wonderful

The pleasure of orgasm is wonderful. It can give us much needed access to the ecstatic state that we as humans so long for. But many people don’t know how to let their orgasm take them to that expansive and nourishing state called ecstasy. To let it take you there, you need to be able to trust completely; you need to be able to allow energy to flow and to allow emotional vulnerability.
I want to address the confusing fact that our mechanistic culture with its need to quantify everything, has us believing that great sex can be clearly defined and measurable, and the measurement is orgasm: if we have one or not, how many, how intense, how long did it last? The sad result of this is that men and women have been trained into a sexuality that’s measured by orgasms.

Excerpted from “Sex for the Soul,” an Audio Home Study Course on Tantric Sex

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