Practical tantric ideas for what you can do on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is not about performing for another, it’s about allowing a little more love in our own hearts and eliciting the same in another.

I like Valentine’s day because it makes us want to do something out of the ordinary for our loved ones. I also see it as an opportunity to attend to our own hearts, and to do something special for ourselves, to open our hearts and to love a little more, even if we are single. I believe it never hurts to do something outside the box, both for ourselves and others.
If you want to do something special that day here is my suggestion:

My audio book Tantra, Sex for the Soul has beautiful guided journeys that you can listen to together and create an intimate Valentines experience. Go out and buy some beautiful candles, essential oils and set the mood. Listen to the guided exercises and treat yourself and your lover to your very own tantric workshop.

Begin your journey by using this link to access Audible, new users receive their first audiobook for free!

Please note: You will find the guided journeys for your at home tantric workshop halfway thru section four (after the solo exercises) in my audio book: Tantra, Sex for the Soul. You can also down load it on my website or get the individual tracks on I-tunes.

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