When is once ever enough?

Often when a couple is newly in love, things are great, because the partners are fresh to it, so present & full of willingness to listen, before disappointments & old habits get in the way. After the initial happiness, most couples stop experimenting and communicating in the area of sex way too soon. Often I’ll ask if they’ve tried a certain thing & quite a few times their response is, “Yes we tried that once…”  Once?
When you want to learn tennis and you miss the ball once, do walk off the court and quit, saying it’s hopeless? No you don’t. Yet, that’s how people seem to be when it comes to their sex life. They try something, it doesn’t work perfectly right away and they give up. We are so easily embarrassed and so fragile in our sexual relating. Does this sound familiar?

Excerpted from “Sex for the Soul,” an Audio Home Study Course on Tantric Sex

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