What is Tantra and why do people think it has to do with sex somehow?

tantra and tantric sex

Tantra was a spiritual movement in ancient India and Nepal, it was comprised of many different sects and teachings with varying practices and rituals. The common denominator was that tantrik sects, unlike other religions of the time who separated their practices from every day life, accepted life in its many facets and energies as a teacher. They invited every aspect of life to provide a path to understanding their true nature and the divine. They worked with the higher and the lower vibrations of life and found ways to use them for their spiritual development because they understood that all of life is divinely informed.

In today’s use though most people think that Tantra has to do with sex somehow.
This is only true in so far as sex is certainly one of life’s facets and sexual energy is a potent life force.
Tantric sects acknowledged this life force energy and worked with it in ritualistic ways, but their spiritual practice encompassed a lot more.

excerpted from Tantra, Sex for the Soul

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