Tantra is getting into your body and letting it teach you about the vastness of existence. You don’t even need a lover to get that.

fish-yellow-submarineWhen we listen only to our mind we are like the fish in the submarine in this picture painted by the fabulous spiritual teacher Mooji. When we drop into our hearts and into the sensations in our body we come out of the submarine and into the huge, free, blue ocean. It takes a little courage because we have been trained and cautioned to believe the mind. We have been told to be vigilant and in control in order to be safe. But try it, get out of the submarine once in a while.
Since its summer (at least in our hemisphere) do some swimming, go out into nature, listen to the trees, go down a waterslide, play some games. Get into your body anyway you can. Even if you only do it for moments, notice how it makes you feel. Let yourself expand into the universe.

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