Tantra for Couples and Singles

Here are some simple ideas for couples and singles to experience Tantra and more love this Valentine’s Day.

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Whether you are a couple or single you can learn Tantra techniques to will allow you experience more love, make more love this Valentine’s Day and every day.

With the commercialization of Valentine’s Day it’s impossible to escape it. Because of the media, even the busiest person is not spared at least a fleeting thought in the direction of love. And I think that’s actually a good thing. If, and that’s a big IF, we use this awareness constructively!  If we use it to get down on ourselves or our partner, or both, then it’s a missed opportunity.

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Around Valentine’s day both couples and singles spend a little time pondering their love lives. This takes on different flavors depending on whether we are currently in or out of relationship. For those in relationship it’s about what to do with our current mate on this “must make it memorable” day of love, or what our mate is going to do for us, and for those of us who are not currently happily (or unhappily) coupled, it’s about how to find a date, whether to bother finding one, or why we don’t have one and how that feels. If we allow ourselves to feel at all, that is.

This upcoming Valentine’s day is a perfect time to give you something fun to do for the day of hearts, something that may just make a lovely difference in your entire life as well, whether you are couple or single.

I’ve really come to appreciate holidays because not matter how arbitrary they may be, just by the sheer prevalence of externals, such as hearts in every store right now, like it or not, they seem to have the effect of inviting us to reflect where we are in our lives. Whether our romantic life is soaring or non existent, Valentines day invites us all to look at what is alive in our hearts and to love ourselves no matter what we find there. Whether you are happily single or happily married, struggling in your relationship, dealing with loneliness, or glad to finally be out of a destructive connection, you can live your life with love in your heart.

The below invitations are to serve just that purpose. One is for couples, one is for singles. And I also have a special offer to all you lovers out there:

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Have a happy Valentines Day and I hope you enjoy my ideas for you. Aloha and love, Niyaso

Tantric Techniques Valentines Day ritual for Couples

sacred-loving-tantra-coaching-tantric_loversValentines day is a wonderful opportunity for couples to do something a little more then a romantic dinner, chocolates and red roses. Here is something that will increase your intimacy, enhance your sex life and ignite more love between you.

In my profession as a Tantra teacher I get asked questions that give me the impression that people think Tantra and Taoism teach some sort of high-tech version of sex. But this is not quite true. In reality all the practices of Tantra and Taoism are meant to refine the natural senses, to come closer to nature, to become so attuned to our bodies innate wisdom, that love and ecstasy just bubble up naturally.

The ritual that follows is one way to accomplish this attuning to our bodies’ innate wisdom more deeply. It’s called “Be like Teenagers” and it goes like this:

First, create a comfortable setting, light a candle, play nice music, get extra pillows.

Then, have a fantasy date, imagine that you both are teenagers. Imagine you possess all the most positive aspects a teenager can have: innocence, adventurousness, curiosity, playfulness, being daring, being humble, being excited to learn, and most importantly, having no preconceived ideas. Even if this was not your experience as a teen, use your imagination! From this frame of mind take turns touching each other. Both of you, pretend you’ve never touched before or been touched, be innocent like virgins.

Then start touching. One is the giver, the other the receiver. As he or she is touching, the giver repeatedly asks the following question: Is there anything I can do that would feel even better? The receiver answers with total honesty, yet with kindness and humbleness and either says: “No this is wonderful!” or describes in as much graphic detail as possible what other touch he or she would like or how the current touch could be even better.

The giver attempts to implement the desired touch exactly as it is described and then checks if it’s ok. After a while the giver asks the same question again and so on. To make this work, when you’re the giver, you must agree not to ask: “Why have you never showed me this before?” or “Why did you never ask for this before?” Remember you are teenagers starting out fresh.

No matter how long you’ve been together, if you can do this with total innocence, you will learn new ways to give and receive pleasure and enjoy a lovemaking that is a mutual surrender to something higher then yourselves.

This little ritual is an excerpt from Niyaso Carter’s audio workshop “Tantra, Sex for the Soul”.

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Valentine’s Day Tantric Ritual for Singles

Woman relaxing in grass.Valentines day is a great time to connect with those you love and appreciate and let them know what they mean to you, and it’s also a excellent time to love yourself and deepen your ability to feel love no matter what is happening on the outside.

So if you like, try this little homework assignment.

Get out paper and pen or your journal and write in free flow writing any and all answers that come up to the following questions:

How can I love myself more?
How can I be kinder to myself?
If I made having fun more of a priority, what would I do?
What acts of self nurturing can I think of?

Let the answers just emerge, just let your hand do the writing, don’t’ censor, if it doesn’t make sense, don’t worry. If you like, imagine the answers are coming from your higher self or your angels or guides or whatever you believe in.

Keep writing for at least 20 to 30 minutes. Then take a little break and do at least one of the things that you wrote down.

For example, if you wrote: “I could take a bath with scented oils.” go ahead and do it. Over the next days try to refer to your answers and bring all the good ideas into your life as much as you can.

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Niyaso Carter

Niyaso Carter

Tantric Guide and Spiritual Coach, Founder of Sacred Loving Institute

For well over 25 years, Niyaso Carter has been guiding, teaching and counseling individuals in the areas of Tantra, sacred sexuality and spirituality.

As a young adult, starting at age 18, she lived and studied in India for several years and there she was introduced to Tantra as a spiritual way of life. Later she went on to study psychology and her work is now a synthesis of her eastern and western training. As an expert in her field, Niyaso leads workshops and retreats around the world. She is well known for co-creating the best-selling educational video “The Tantric Secrets of Sacred Sex” – which has introduced thousands of people to a life of more love, intimacy and pleasure. She is the author of the audio program Tantra, Sex for the Soul, a comprehensive guide showing couples and singles how to make their sex life sacred, while in the privacy of their own home.

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