Relax, Breathe, and let your body do the rest!

In my opinion, the best way to follow me here, is also the way I want you to approach sex:  Relax, don’t think too much! Just feel, sense and breathe. Let my words sink into that deeper part of you that knows intuitively how to use what I’m saying for the most pleasure, the greatest joy and your highest good.

When we relax deeply enough, when we drop inward into who we truly are, we will experience our inherent well being and power. Without having to do anything to get there, when we allow space and silence, we will feel the benevolent, joyful, loving nature of the universe.

Sex is a great way to help us relax into that effortless natural state and so is meditation. Both paths are equally valid. These postings are about the first path, about learning how to allow our sexual nature to take us to the divine.

Excerpted from “Sex for the Soul,” an Audio Home Study Course on Tantric Sex

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