Let the boat rock a little


This quote above says it all, but how can you live it? Simply be willing to dare to rock the boat a little.

As a real life experiment, for the next week, I invite you all to be a little more daring in your relating. But how might that look for you?

Only you know. It might mean that you say something where you would have normally kept your tongue?

Or it might mean staying quiet when you would want to be directive? Offering touch when you would be shy, giving space when you would want to make a demand. To know what would be the right dare for you, the right dare will feel exciting. Find something that excites you and scares you just a little at the same time. Do something that give you a tickle when you think about doing it. Let your mind run wild with possibilities.

What  it means for sure is that you need to try something that you don’t normally do. Try something different and new. You only get new results when you do something different.

I would love your reports about what you did differently in your relating and how it worked.


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