Don’t be afraid to be yourself in all your shades and colors, that is being truly tantric

What Heals, How do We Grow?

by Niyaso Christine Carter

Every human being is inherently good and beautiful, and even though their action may seem strangely contradictory, every being is striving toward understanding of their deeper nature and desiring to move toward light, God, wholeness, enlightenment or whatever you want to call it. All the human drama is just steps along the way. Knowing this, however, doesn’t always make the human drama/trauma any easier to deal with, as I’m sure many of you have experienced first hand many times. How many of you have struggled with a particular situation knowing full well that there must be an easier way to be with it, and yet you didn’t find the way through. Sometimes it’s merely slightly annoying and other times we feel like we are trapped in hell. That’s the human experience. There is a lot of glossing over, distracting and pretending that can happen along the journey in the name of non-attachment and transformation, but that’s missing the true beauty, aliveness and depth of the process of life. Besides, many of the tricks we learn to cope with and survive life only work temporarily; even though temporary could mean a lifetime or more.

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