Greetings from Niyaso

Hello friends,
I’m sorry I took such a long break from posting, when before that I was on such a roll. This time of the year gets really busy with couples vacationing on Maui, escaping from the winter, and doing sessions with me. Anyhow, doing so many sessions again and again reminds me of the basic message I have for you around sexuality (and in many ways this applies for life in general) and that is:
Fulfilling, divine lovemaking is in your blueprint. If you just relax enough to listen to your body and heart you will experience ecstatic, fantastic sex, effortlessly. But you need to be willing and able to ignore what you have been told about sex, step away from the pictures you have in your head that you saw in movies, advertisements, porn flicks etc., leave by the wayside most sextips that you’ve read in magazines. A lot of people, even otherwise pragmatic, down to earth people, have strange notions about what makes sacred sex. I can vouch for that, I hear these notions all the time. Many are willing to twist themselves into a pretzel, physically and spiritually speaking, to experience great sex, but it is really not that complicated. You don’t need special techniques. You just need to let yourself relax and trust your innermost voice. That’s really all I do with my work, I show people how to listen to that inner voice again. So that they can have this wonderful sex that they intuitively know is there for them. It takes a little bit of courage, the emotional courage to trust yourself and communicate what you feel and sense. But your body knows, your heart is wise, your inner voice is always present, let it teach you.

With Warmest Aloha from Maui,


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