Tantra Invites Honesty

lovers picA key ingredient in Tantra, tantric love making, and making your sex life the best it can be is authenticity. What if being authentic is the most mature, the most productive, and fastest way of evolving in your sexuality? What if it is crucial in taking the next step toward amazingly blissful states of pleasure?  Yet so many of us are afraid to say it how it is when it comes to our sex life.

We (and this happens mostly unconsciously) think it will show our partner how clueless we are and we don’t want to feel or be seen as uncool, uninformed or somehow deficient, too emotional, not normal, etc. For example, if you are in the middle of love making and you feel like slowing down and resting for a moment, but social convention, or what you think of as normal, dictates that you keep going, increasingly vigorously, till orgasm? What if having the courage to slow down in that moment will take the whole experience to a new and fabulous place? Some place delicious that you never felt before?

My assignment for you this week, if you like to take it on: Next time you are engaged in any form of love play and something comes up that you would like to act on but you find yourself afraid to speak up or do it, just take the jump and give it a try. I would love to hear back from you what happened. If you need ideas for how authenticity can look like, my website and my audio program “Tantra, Sex for the Soul” will give you lots of ideas: https://sacredloving.net/tantric-sex-store/tantra-audio.html

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