Tantric Events in Maui, Hawaii

Come join us in paradise to play and be nurtured by the warm ocean, the beaches, the lush tropical jungle, waterfalls and pools. All of this while participating in our transformational Tantra Maui programs with participants from around the world.

These workshops provide an understanding of sexuality as a sacred journey and a path of spiritual awakening. These Sacred Loving Workshops are designed for healing, education, and to provide a joyful celebration of being human.

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Come and Learn Tantra on Maui While on Vacation

Or learn over video call or phone with Niyaso Carter.

For well over 25 years, Niyaso Carter has been guiding, teaching, and counseling individuals in the areas of Tantra, sacred sexuality, and spirituality. At this time, Niyaso is offering sessions over video, phone, and in-person in Hawaii, while devoting the remainder of her time to video, audio, and writing projects.

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Video Call and Phone Consultations

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