Sacred Loving Institute presents:

Relationship Coach Certification

Tantra, a path home

A 1.5 year practitioners training (3 segments in person and ongoing online studies throughout)

  • On Maui, Hawaii
  • Next training starts Fall 2024
  • With Niyaso Christine Carter and team

Learn tools and skills for your healing, coaching, or counseling career and dive deep into your inner essence while playing in the nourishing nature and ocean of Maui, Hawaii.
Tantra is the ability to attune deeply with ourselves and the world around us, living in harmony and in deep connectedness.

This training is for you if you want to:

  • learn how to work in the realm of Tantra and Sacred sexuality, relationship and intimacy coaching and healing touch.
  • expand your healing practice or career to the next level
  • discover more about your own sexuality, relationships, capacity for intimacy and inner world.
  • learn while also supporting your own body and nervous system and letting go of old patterns.
  • understand what “trauma informed” healing really means and be able to work with people of all stages of trauma healing safely and with skill.
  • grow on the spiritual path as well as celebrate your human form.

This retreat is as much about Tantra as a spiritual path as it is about Tantra as a way of opening to more pleasure and love. Learning for yourself will go hand in hand with expanding your facilitation skills.

Niyaso and her team will share from their expertise and empower you to share yours gifts with skill and integrity.

All levels of experience are welcome, from budding coach or healer to long time psychotherapist or group facilitator. To make sure that what we offer and what you are looking for is a good fit we have several steps and options for you explore prior to applying.

There is much misunderstanding about Tantra in our Western world. Tantra is not just a set of techniques in order to have some kind of high tech version of sex. Tantra offers practices that help us align with our deeper selves and techniques that are effective in finding our inner truth. Enhancing our ability to have pleasure is important, but focusing only on better, longer orgasms or more pleasure can be a distraction from the true understanding of Tantra as a way home. There is a subtle difference between those two intentions, yet all desire is legitimate and will ultimately bring us home. That’s the deepest meaning of Tantra.

This Tantra Practitioners Training is set in a rustic nature retreat setting where we approach the learning from the deepest, most integrated place possible. In addition to daily teaching of skills and practices, there will be nature immersion space where you are guided to awaken your sense of connection to mother Earth and receive wisdom directly from her to you. There will be time to explore the island in your free time.

Nature has the capacity to teach us, heal us and help us align with our highest wisdom. When we get still, when we listen and feel, when we sense the messages that mother Earth wants to share with us we become whole and happy. This is the essence of Tantra.

PoolIn this training, Tantra techniques are used to further the process of coming closer to nature and our inner essence. Tantra is like an art form; it’s paying attention to the beauty and power of life energy and sexual energy in order to become the most excellent lover and being. Seeing sex as a sacred energy, to make sexual intimacy a true form of art, you need creativity, skill, knowledge and wisdom. For this we need to get quiet, unwind, and allow time to stop, surrender and be receptive. In this training we create a unique setting that supports this attunement. This, along with the skills we will teach you, helps you become the being that can help others effectively and with ease.

The Curriculum

What you will learn; modalities and bodies of work that we will explore:

You will learn about your own boundaries, how to communicate them and how to hold space for others to get in touch with theirs.

Effective, compassionate communication skills and how to teach those to others

Breathing techniques: breathing can be used for many reasons, for calming, to balance your nervous system, to energize, to access altered states. You will learn how to facilitate various breathing experiences safely.

Movement and Yoga, how to facilitate a transformative movement session. This is not a Yoga teacher training, but daily Yoga and other movement practice will be part of the experience and you will learn how to hold space for others doing the same.

Bodywork:, safe, conscious touch this is not a bodywork training but touch is a language we will explore including how to touch others therapeutically and safely

Attachment styles and how to work with them

Emotional release techniques and how to use them safely

Inner Child work

Voice Dialogue, parts work, Internal Family Systems (IFT)

Hawaiian ho’oponopono practice

Understanding the law of attraction and how it works in your relationships and life.

6 steps to freedom technique

You will learn the basics of somatic experiencing, how to understand the physiology of trauma and monitor someone’s nervous system. You will learn techniques to manage yours and other’s arousal states and many tools how to come to balance and resilience.

Sun bathingYou will gain an understanding of how to work with complex PTSD (CPTSD) also knows as developmental trauma

You will learn a variety of meditation practices

Nature immersions and how to facilitate this process for others. Tune into nature’s frequency and let it align you with your true nature, receiving instructions for your divine upgrade.

This is an experiential and interactive training, it requires an interest in personal development for yourself, along with the interest in learning to facilitate for others. We can only facilitate to the level of depth that we have been able to go ourselves.

An important aspect of this training is building healthy tribe.
This means we will explore what healthy community means and work toward a culture of love in action.
If you want to learn more
To see if this training may be for you here are a few steps to take:

First Step

Check out Niyaso’s bio here add link to “about” page
Second step Listen to the audio program “Tantra, Sex for the Soul”, by Niyaso Carter, it’s available on Audible, I- tunes and on our site

Next Step (optional)

StreamBook a session with Niyaso, see how she works and experience her.
(You can come to the first weekend or the first segment and check it out, if space is available)

Another Step (optional)

Watch Niyaso’s video, The Tantric Secrets of Sacred Sex Niyaso co-created and wrote the script for this video a long time ago, you will be able to watch her talk when she was younger. Keep in mind that she has kept honing her skills and added tools to her toolkit ever since.

More Steps

Read articles and blog posts on website

There Will Be an Interview Process After You Apply

We want to make sure this is a fun experience for you, as well as an educational one and that we are a good fit for each other.
you can check out our workshop Q@A here: FAQs

A certificate of completion will be issued after the training and a series of practice integration sessions will be established to solidify what you learned.

If you have questions about this training or are ready to apply, please let us know by emailing