Niyaso: About Herself, Training, Timeline and More

Niyaso CarterI was living in a sex positive spiritual ashram and commune for several years starting at age 18. A lot of things happened there that were less than positive for me, and it set me on a life long quest asking the question “What is healthy sexuality?” “What is Tantra, really?” “What is healthy relating?” “What is healthy community?”

I’ve had to work to resolve the results of childhood trauma and started with that in my teens, so really everything I know and have learned was initially in an effort to heal myself, to get out of pain.

Making sense of my confusing love life was especially an area I needed to understand. I knew I had trouble trusting and opening my heart, but I had no idea what to do about it.

I love to share the adventure of discovery with others. Whenever I teach it is an every evolving co-creation with my students where we discover even more together.

I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I have immersed myself in these questions so much and for so long that I have found some clues, many tools and insights that I love to share.

I understand that it is difficult to fully open the body for divine lovemaking and deep intimacy when trauma, big or small, is still in the body and brain. Yet healing trauma requires a lot of sensitive care of the nervous system, heart and mind. The modality of Somatic Experiencing has taught me how to do that and how to teach others how to regulate themselves.

Now years later, I have become a highly attuned guide for others, experienced in multiple modalities of trauma resolution, inner child healing, Tantra and spiritual understanding.

Niyaso Carter: Training, Timelines and More

During her early years of study in the East, Niyaso spent several years living and learning in the ashram of Baghwan Shree Rajneesh (now known as Osho) in India. There she immersed herself in healing workshops of every type. She learned meditation, Tantric and Taoist practices, yoga, energy work, bodywork and many modalities of the human potential movement. With her traumatic past she was first and foremost focused on her own healing and instinctively sought out anything and everything that offered the potential for recovery. The ashram offered all that was worldwide available in the West in terms of personal growth, all in one place.

After her years in India Niyaso’s subsequent study of Western psychology focused on many healing modalities, her areas of in-depth training and skill are:

  • Tantra & Sacred Sex Coaching,
  • Relationship counseling
  • Trauma Healing and Resolution, including working with complex PTSD (CPTSD) also known as developmental trauma
  • Inner child work
  • Facilitating nature immersions, guiding people to tune into nature’s frequency and let it upgrade them to their own true nature
  •  Supporting people on the spiritual journey.
  • Co-dependency work, grief attachment theory, movement therapy, voice dialogue and Internal family Systems (IFS), breath work, and communication skills training (NVC).

Her spiritual training is focused on understanding how the mind, heart and body work together to help us be deeply aligned with our Divine Nature.

These areas are often intimately intertwined, with healing and learning in one area often leading to breakthroughs in another.

Important Influences and Teachers of Niyaso

Niyaso has honed her skills by learning from some of the world’s leading experts. Her teaching and counseling is shaped, in large part, by the work and training pioneered by Peter Levine, author of “Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma” and creator of “Somatic Experiencing”. This work is always the basis of her approach and all other modalities she uses build on it. Niyaso teaches her clients Marshal Rosenberg’s non-violent, effective communication skills (NVC) as a important tool for a happy relationship and sex life.

  • Peter Levine, Somatic Experiencing
  • She assists people in learning the 6 steps to freedom process as outlined by Diederik Wolsak in his book “Choose again”.
  • Spiritual and relationship teacher David Deida,
  • Austrian psychotherapist Bert Hellinger’s shamanic concept of family constellations.
  • Australian spiritual teacher Barry Long, Author of Making Love
  • Voice Dialogue in which she trained with Hal Stone and Sidra Winkelman in the late 80s.
  • Internal Family Systems (IFS)
  • Diane Poole Heller, SE and understanding Attachment Styles
  • Marshal Rosenberg, Non-violent communication skills training
  • Her work with sexuality has been influenced by many teachers, and her understanding of Taoist practices is inspired by master Mantak Chia and Jolan Chang.
  • Niyaso’s work has been profoundly touched by the teachings on the Law of Attraction as presented by Esther Hicks and Joe Dispenza, She is an Avatar master, a body of work teaching conscious creating.
  •  Steve Bocelli’s trauma releasing exercises (TRE)
  • Alison Armstrong: Understanding men, understanding women
  • Niyaso has a in-depth understanding of C-PTSD also called developmental trauma or childhood trauma. With it’s accompanying Co-depedence issues and attachment styles. Having been in her own recovery since her teens, she has first hand understanding and is able to accompany and support others their recovery.
  • Niyaso likes to quote spiritual teacher Matt Kahn, whose work is about self-love and understanding the role of the inner child on the spiritual journey.
  • Her workshops always include movement and ecstatic dance, based on the “5 Rhythms” work of Gabriel Roth, now known as “Open Floor”.

Niyaso Timelines

Beyond learning from other experts, Niyaso has worked closely with her peers to create enriching and holistic healing content:

In the 1990s, along with teacher and facilitator Alan Lowen and hypnotherapy trainer and expert Paul Carter Ph.D., Niyaso created and taught the Body, Heart, and Soul workshop series, as well as the related Body, Heart, and Soul two-year training course for counselors and healing practitioners.

In 1993 she co-created the best-selling educational video, “The Tantric Secrets of Sacred Sex”, which teaches couples how to transform sex into a truly intimate, fulfilling, and spiritual experience.

In 1996 she co-founded the Sacred Loving Programs together with Paul Carter, Ph.D. Niyaso is certified in advanced clinical hypnotherapy, and is an experienced body worker and a licensed trainer in Avatar, a program that teaches conscious creating.

Niyaso’s empowering women’s workshops help women heal, awaken, and celebrate their uniquely feminine qualities and innate potential for pleasure and ecstasy.

In 2008 she released a 5 CD, 6-hour audio home workshop entitled “Tantra, Sex for the Soul”, a comprehensive guide on Tantra and sacred sex for couples and individuals. It is available on Audible and I-tunes, Spottily, Amazon and in her online shop.

Niyaso has presented workshops in the United States, England, Germany, Switzerland, and Australia and has guided her students through transformational retreats in Mexico and Asia. Her work has been featured in several television documentaries and articles in the United States and Australia.

Another aspect of Niyaso’s work is as a nature guide. Knowing the island of Maui as well as she does and being a nature fairy herself, she takes people to magical and remote places. She supports them in relaxing into nature as their guide, healer, and teacher. She loves introducing people to stand up paddling and other ocean activities and is very patient, playful and caring in her approach.

When Niyaso feels the need to center herself she practices “rock therapy” a term she made up for her favorite way of immersing herself into nature; lying on a rock in the middle of a stream and surrendering, allowing mother Earth to inform, clear, heal and upgrade her.

Other Interests

Niyaso’s first chosen job at age 17 was as an apprentice on a bio-dynamic farm in Germany, a rare kind of farm in those days. She went on to manage a farm in central Oregon in her twenties where she oversaw the growing of food for a commune of 1000 people, all done organically. She also managed a horse farm for some years. For the last 24 years, in her spare time, she grows fruit trees, food trees, and vegetables on her farm on the North Shore of Maui, where she has gathered much experience in regenerative agriculture and food forests.

She volunteers on the executive board of “Food Security Hawaii”, a non-profit with the mission of encouraging regenerative food growing practices and making Hawaii sustainable, self-sufficient, and resilient in this era of climate change.

For Niyaso, working with the land, playing in the ocean, and being with people goes hand in hand, allowing nature to be an integral part of the awakening journey.