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“This video depicts beautifully what I always intuitively felt as the right approach to sex but couldn't put into words, now I know how to move forward in my marriage.” - Kirsten, age 41

“Thank you Secrets of Sacred Sex, for providing us with real couples and issues to relate with. The video opened us to new ideas and possibilities.” - Oliver, age 52

Tantric Sex
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“..... after watching the video we had the best sex we ever had, thank you so much” - Angie, age 27

The Secrets of Tantric Sex

A Video Guide to Intimacy, Sacred Making Love and Tantric Sex

"Highly Recommended!

The Best Tantra Video made to date!"

- Tantra Magazine

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Discover tantric sex, an art of loving that will forever transform love making into a truly intimate, fulfilling, spiritual experience. This remarkable Tantra video - the best of tantric sex videos - will teach you how to awaken your own natural sexual energy and experience a deeper level of connectedness with your love making partner.

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Co-created by Cynthia Connop and Niyaso Christine Carter.

Full nudity, sexually explicit. Color, 70 minutes.


"The Secrets of Sacred Sex is a beautifully done educational video that gives an overview of Tantric (or Sacred) sex with exquisite descriptions of the subtle energies and over-all body sensations of spiritual sexuality, introducing different types of orgasm including the valley orgasm. It is a sensitive and artistic portrayal of six heterosexual real-life couples who practice tantra sex. The video includes: safe sex, creating sacred space, chakras, energy & kundalini exercises, pelvis undulation, breath practices, sensual massage & relaxation, bath ritual, harmonizing, daily devotion, nurturing meditation. Masturbation (or self-pleasuring), giving & receiving, ejaculation control, Kegels, valley orgasm, feast of the senses, communication techniques, divine couple meditation, and questions and answers. Highly recommended for both those new to Tantra and seasoned Tantrikas. We are also pleased to see a tantra video that honors racial diversity."

"Highly Recommended!
The Best Tantra Video made to date!"

-- Tantra Magazine

Sacred Sex Comes of Age
A Video Review
Consious Living Magazine Australia

The Secrets of Sacred Sex is known and sold under different titles in various countries

USA: The Secrets of Sacred Sex
Germany: Tantra Sex
Australia: Sacred Sex 2
England: The Secrets of Tantric Sex

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